Our lab is always looking for talented undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdocs interested in studying animal movement. We typically have 5 graduate students and 20 undergraduates employed at any one time.

June 2022 – present: Undergraduates please submit your materials here:

Undergraduates should plan to join the lab for at least two semesters. This duration is required to make use of the lengthy training given to the student. Successful undergraduates from the lab have gone to graduate school, medical school, veterinary school, and industry. We have had a number of undergraduates publish as coauthors on manuscript and win poster and presentation awards at Georgia Tech. Undergraduates are compensated through the Georgia Tech PURA program or through credit.

Graduate students interested in the lab should send an email to the Professor David Hu before April 2, which is the due date for graduate admission decisions. Many applicants will reach out far earlier. Suitable applicants will usually have a Skype call with the professor and then a call with the current graduate students in the lab.

Previous postdocs who have joined the lab have generally come with their own funding.